Kayshla [Kay}: Dr. Abbrescia's Medical Assistant
Karen: Dr. Patel's Medical Assistant
Lindsey: Dr. Rippert's Medical Assistant
April: Physician Assistants Anderson and Scott's Medical Assistant
Chris Frazier: Business Manager
Kayshla [Kay}: Dr. Abbrescia's Medical Assistant

Kay, Dr. Abbrescia’s Medical Assistant, shows patients to the exam room and prepares them for the physician.  She obtains medical information, takes vital signs, height, weight, and records everything in your chart.  She may also perform an EKG.   She will be happy to explain treatment plans and procedures, review the physicians instructions, suggested diets, prescribed medications and answer any other questions you may have.  She assists with your prescription refills and performs general office duties.  She will contact you with pertinent test results.   All of Dr. Abbrescia's patients, please direct your questions to Kay.